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Cryptocurrency Jobs

Currently there are over 700 jobs in the cryptocurrency market listed on LinkedIn. These cover the fields of: ManagementDirectorshipsITSales and promotion So there are many standard types of positions in the crypto currency market as in any other market but as well as the usual skills relating to these positions special or ‘acquired’ skills in …

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Centralisation vs Decentralisation

What is the difference between centralisation and decentralisation? According to Dictionary.com Centralisation is the concentration of control of an activity or organization under a single authority. “The centralization of all financial power in the hands of its leaders.” The action or process of bringing activities together in one place. “Greater centralization of food production” Decentralisation …

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Does Blockchain Signal the End of Centralized Banking?

Does blockchain mean the end of centralized banking? Probably not but certainly the banks are becoming aware of the distinct advantages of using blockchain to reduce costs improve efficiency, and boost up their bottom line. Many of the banks functions are costly and inefficient even in these days of high speed computers and swift communications …

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