Bitcoin in Fashion

Bitcoin has even entered the fashion industry. In February the New York Fashion Week was held with the lat6est haute couture and avant-garde designs on show. At the event a model featuring a Bitcoin-themed outfit was on display during the Ovadia & Sons catwalk.

It is no surprise that the fashion industry would pick up on blockchain and Bitcoin. Being ‘fashionable’ is what it is all about and fashion designers are always quick to pick up on a trend. With Bitcoin entering the ‘rag’ trade bitcoin has made the catwalk it is ‘officially’ fashionable.

The fashion industry has always been a trend setter with some strange fashions, recently, for example, the 80s made a comeback and Gucci’s head carrying model showed just how out there a fashion trend can be. With social media now part of the culture fashion trends are quick to take hold and spread around the globe within hours or even minutes.

For example a collection of 35 men’s shirts with the slogan, ‘Bitcoin accepted – No cash’ printed on the shirt was featured along with a faux sailors jaunty cap. So do not be surprised to see some emerging t-shirts and slacks with Bitcoin slogans and Bitcoin logos appearing thereon.

Bitcoin has entered the fashion industry and fashion designers are quick off the mark when it comes to a new fad so this just might, just might set off a new craze.

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