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Bitcoin Regulation and Bitcoin Tax in Serbia

According to the Director of the Belgrade Center for Economic Research, Nikola Korbar, “We expect Serbian authorities to pass cryptocurrency regulation in the next five years.” He pointed out that investing in Bitcoin has been very profitable but also warned,

“People should invest in cryptocurrency as much money as they are comfortable losing, and not mortgage their houses in order to buy cryptocurrency,” He said. “Bitcoin has the biggest media coverage because it is the most popular cryptocurrency at the moment. There are those who think that cryptocurrencies are a speculative bubble, a pyramid scheme like Jezda and Dafina in Serbia, back in the day. That is not the case. People should not be put off from using cryptocurrency, but they also shouldn’t act recklessly when purchasing it”

There appear to be no plans to over regulate Bitcoin but as Serbia is seeking to enter the European Union they would likely adopt any regulations put in force in the union. One can easily buy and sell Bitcoin at the prevailing price in Serbia through and the usual European and international exchanges. There seem to be no bank limits or bans in force at this time.

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