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Bitcoin Regulation and Bitcoin Tax in Argentina

The name Argentina comes from the Latin word Argentum which means Silver, the reason being that the first voyages made by the Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors to the Río de la Plata (meaning “River of Silver”) in the 16 th Century thought the land was chock full of the precious metal. There was a lot of silver there and over the past 90 years Argentina has produced well over 180 million ounces.

Nowadays it is Bitcoin that has the attention of enthusiasts and the government alike. The Argentinian government has not been as rigid in its outlook on Bitcoin as some nations and have stated they have no plans to regulate Bitcoin. They do like to monitor it for potential money laundering and illegal trade so all the exchanges are required to file a monthly report detailing ALL the transactions they have processed so a careful watch is being kept of Bitcoin in the country. Strangely it seems that anonymity, from the governments point of view, is one of the stumbling blocks to regulation.

Having said that there are eleven exchanges in Argentina where you can easily buy and sell Bitcoin. is probably the biggest with other international exchanges such as Coinmama, Bitex, Ripio, Localbitcoins and others. Most exchanges charge fees and offer platforms for other cryptocurrencies. Local Bitcoins offers more privacy but you do have to do your due diligence when dealing with other sellers and buyers. Do not accept any seller who encourages you to buy outside of the escrow platform ass there is no come back if you lose your funds or Bitcoin. Select traders who have a 100 percent clean history.

There are around 200 Bitcoin ATMs in Argentina, mostly in Buenos Aires and the larger cities and you might be able to locate them using but you will have to search for them.

Online gambling is legal in Argentina and you can play at Bitcoin Casinos to your hearts content and as long as your Bitcoin holds out (remember the only winner at any casino is the casino owner).

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