Cryptocurrency Jobs

Currently there are over 700 jobs in the cryptocurrency market listed on LinkedIn. These cover the fields of:

Sales and promotion

So there are many standard types of positions in the crypto currency market as in any other market but as well as the usual skills relating to these positions special or ‘acquired’ skills in blockchain and fintech are keenly sought.

Some organisations such as CoinDesk for example, are launching job listings under a ‘Career Center,’ and “It’s no secret demand for blockchain skills is high and that finding talent is a real difficulty,” Jacob Donnelly, director of marketing, said in a statement. The listings of “blockchain” skills has rocketed over 6,000 percent just in the last year according to an online freelancing database Upwork report. “There’s a lot of millionaires made overnight and drawn a lot of people in,” said Andy Challenger, vice president at placement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas. He continued. “There’s sort of a gold rush mentality.”

Big companies are now looking for those that can add to their blockchain credibility. Only last year year, Accenture, IBM and Microsoft totalled around 350 million in revenue related to Blockchain so it is as no small biccies per Oppenheimer analysts Shaul Eyal and Tanner Hoban. They pointed to estimates that the size of the blockchain industry could grow into the tens of billions. “As the technology matures, we think those blockchain engineers will see absolutely high demand,” Eyal said in a phone interview. “Right now it’s a little bit of a wild, Wild West with many entrepreneurs trying to jockey for position.”

It has even been pointed out that a key position in a crypto currency role could easily position a carrer person intoi a key role in a major corporation later down the track.Some analysts say taking the risk in a cryptocurrency role could position someone for a key role in a major corporation down the road. “If you enter the crypto start-up space and gain some experience in the underlying blockchain technology, it will serve you really well,” Challenger said. “It’s an industry that requires a certain amount of expertise, and that’s a rare commodity.”

Assuming you have the skills to perform the functions of the position you are seeking the following will go a long way to assisting you secure the position.

Do your research

Find out about the company you are seeking as position with. What is their Mission Statement? What are their values? What do they provide in terms of products and services? What sort of people do they employ? Become very familiar with the company and its people. Put yourself in their position. What sort of employees would you be looking for?

What does the employer want?

Putting yourself in the employer’s shoes is a big step to finding out what an employer wants in an employee. It is not just someone who will do the work. It is someone who appreciates and believes in the values of the company. Someone with the ‘right’ attitude. Looking at it from the employer’s point of view. Would YOU hire yourself if you were the employee? What would it take for you to say, “Yes. I want that person!”

Here is some advice from Mark Zuckerberg, one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

“Speaking at the Mobile World Congress this week, the world’s biggest wireless phone fair in Barcelona, the 30-year-old Facebook founder was asked the main thing he looks for in a potential employee. And his answer was as simple as it was significant … I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person … it’s a pretty good test.” Are you Results Orientated?

Employers are always looking for the results orientated employee. Tracy Brisson, Founder of The Opportunities Project places great store on applicants who can demonstrate they are effective and perform well and get results.

One of the key indicators employers look for in both the written submission and during the interview is the S.T.A.R process:

Situation, what is or was the situation?
Task, what needs to be done about it?
Action, what did YOU do about it? Be specific
Result, what was the result of YOUR action?

Being able to offer up specific examples such as, There was this situation and it required so and so to be done. “I effectively did so and so and the result was a satisfactory specific outcome” is far better than, “I can do so and so”, which is merely a statement, and will be looked upon very favourably.

For someone interested in entering the cryptocurrency market it’s a big wide world out there with almost endless possibilities.

This article is for information purposes only and is not to be construed as financial information for any purposes such as investment or speculation and it is the responsibility of the reader to perform proper due diligence before acting upon any of the information provided. We recommend that you consult with a licensed, qualified investment advisor before making any investment decisions.

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